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 Bars, Who Spits?

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PostSubject: Bars, Who Spits?   Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:20 pm

I'm Looking To See Who Else In DD Can Rock A Dirty Flow , I'll Kick It Off N Kick Boxes

Hangin' Her
Way To Be
Clearly I Made Her
Blatantly Sprained
Way To Explain It
Unscaved Burns Made Learnin' Easy
For Sure I Crave Beats
Relentlessly Hating Me I Break Weed Ur Caving
Ur Labia Craves Me
Masonry Maybe I Make It Later Baby
I Reppin The Navy
Incased In Pavement I Bury U In Caves N'
I'm Foamin Out The Mouth But Ur The One With Rabies
U Screamin' Save Me
I'm Preachin To Fellow Rapies
How To Insert Carrots In Ladies
Shell Casings Covered Up Try To Trace Me
Stories Hazy Lazy Cops Gazing At Stars In Parks
I Make It Crazy To Lay Shit Greyscale Facelifts
Famous Fuck Bars I'll Raise It
Fade A Seat To Kaite's Front Porch
Gates Unlocked Horses First Remorse
Is This Whore Is Above A Chorus
Seclore Knockin' Dorrs To Show For It
Afford A Forklift I'm Takin' Morse Code Courses
According To This Cord I Go For Blow Torches
N' Mow Toward A Ghost Storm.


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Bars, Who Spits?
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