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 battlefront3 2015

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PostSubject: battlefront3 2015   Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:29 am

so anyone else hear this? was being board on the internet, did a search for battlefront3 read sites saying its going to released in 2015 with the new starwars movie. I also read it may come out in 2014 but most likely will come out in 2015.

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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sun Jan 26, 2014 8:41 am

Wont Believe It Until I'm Playing It.
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sun Jan 26, 2014 9:54 pm

Star Wars: Battlefront Penciled for Summer 2015

CFO Blake Jorgensen said in a shareholders meeting that the game ”will most likely come out around the same time as the Star Wars movies start to come out, probably in the summer of ’15″ (7/31/13).

Game was announced and trailer was published 6/10/13.

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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:34 pm

Same thing they did with SWBF2, makes sense.


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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:29 pm

I hope they have the same maps at least a little bit of different routes and map balance. Also for Death Star Map of CTF Rebels or Republic is still a challenge to get. One more is that hopefully we can get the dedicated servers and record the stats on GameTracker will be Nice!
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Thu Apr 10, 2014 2:46 pm

If We Are So Blessed As To Have GT (Gametracker) As Our Dedicated Host Again Then I'd Be Thrilled. I'm Sure We'll Get That Luxury Again Too, Considering LA (LucasArts) Branch Of Hitler (Disney) Won't Wanna Leak Much More $$ Into It. 
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Fri Apr 25, 2014 7:34 pm

Seeing as BF3 and BF4 were unfinished games at the beginning, this may also be the same and private servers will probably come in 6 months later. And probably FraggedNation or some other tournament site from BF will pick it up.
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sat Apr 26, 2014 1:42 pm

What you mean unfinished? And what's the story on private servers? I've heard different things so wondering wtf. Time to bring back the T_O_DD server. Good to see you


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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sun May 04, 2014 11:14 am

I hope this actually comes out, we've been waiting for years...
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sat Nov 01, 2014 2:01 pm

EA just announced that it will come out the 4th quarter of 2015, just in time for the holidays, and at the same time as the movie.


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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Thu Jul 16, 2015 10:28 pm

Hello there! It's been a while. Hope you're all doing fine!

My thoughts on Battlefront...

No Prequel Era content...

Obviously this means half the content. Alderaan, Cato Neimoidia, Felucia, Geonosis, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Mustafar, Mygeeto, Naboo, Polis Massa, Saleucami, Utapau. All those planets will NOT be available in the game if they stick to their OT-only policy.
Also no unique units like Droidecas, Magna-Guards or Republic Commandos.
On top of that famous Jedi/Sith/Warriors like Mace Windu, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Grievous, Aayla Secura, Qui-Gon Jin, Jango Fett, Kit Fisto etc. will not be in the game.
And it's questionable if we'll ever see Yoda fighting in Battlefront, because he never fought in the Original Trilogy.
And Obi-Wan will appear in his OT form, and more than likely not in his PT form which most people prefer.
( All the while completely forgetting the "Star Wars the Clone Wars" content that could also have been in the game with planets like Ilum)
PT content was completely present in Free Radical's SWBFIII.

No space combat.
SWBF2's space mode is debatable. Many loved it ( like me ) but many others just thought it was boring or couldn't be bothered to learn flying properly.
But it's a fact that it was something completely different from the usual Battlefront experience and it brought a great variety into the game.
Seeing the planets from above was also really awesome in my opinion.

Unlike DICE/EA, Free Radical's SWBFIII not only had space combat, they also greatly improved upon in instead of just leaving it out.
The battle in space greatly effected the battle on ground and even if your team was losing on the ground, you could still have the upper hand if you dominated in space.
And space wasn't a separate experience from the ground battles, they happened WHILE the battles were also raging on the planet itself.
And you could choose to help your people on the surface of the planet or seemlessly change location to aid your team by fighting in space and disabling the enemy ship.
The ships' insides were also greatly expanded compared to SWBFII.

Dodge roll is NOT in the game!

Every expert Battlefront player will know that this is a HUGE mistake.
The dodge roll is what greatly defined the gameplay of SWBF1, SWBF2.
Not only is it pretty much unique to the Battlefront franchise, but it also brings dynamic into the normal boring "run and shoot" mechanic of Call of Duty/ Battlefield games.
Any experienced Battlefront player who MASTERED the Dodge Roll could take it up with 5 or more ( sometimes even with 7-8 ) less experienced players at once.
You had to know when to use it best and when to not use it at all to avoid being killed.
It's what seperated the casual players, from the legends and the heroes on the Front.
If teamkill was on, throwing mines at the enemy in front of you was impossible without killing yourself.
But a perfectly timed dodge roll shortly after throwing the mine, could blow up all enemies in a corridor, while you were far enough away to not be caught in the blast radius.
Also the dodge roll enabled some very awesome, heated, adrenaline-fueled 1 vs 1 battles between those legends.
Some of those duels raged on for minutes, while the two players would just kill every noob who dared interfering with their mighty duel.

Maximum of 40 players, fewer on other gameplay modes

I don't mind about it THAT much from my perspective but there are other perspectives to take into consideration here...
SWBF2 is a game that is 10 years old now. And it already had 24 players on PS2, 64 even on PC!!!!
Some games run perfectly well with 128 players.
And Battlefield 4 has 64 players on all platforms.
So it's definitely a step back.
Why? Probably either to tone down ping/netcode issues or simply because the graphics have a huge toll on the platforms.
DICE focussed greatly on graphics which obviously is a mistake.
Gameplay always comes before graphics.
The older players will remember playing 2D games and still having a ton of fun. I remember many low graphics games which are leagues above nearly all high graphic games being released these days.

No galactic conquest and awesome offline gameplay mode.

Many will say that this is not very important but I think I'm not the only one who had a load of fun playing this game mode offline for days, weeks and months.
Playing that with friends or with the family has always been really great.
And you had always something to work towards because of all the unlockable things or even trying to get all the awards to legendary so that you can constantly use them offline!!
Or simply trying to perfect the gameplay with all classes.

Just 5 planets at launch!!

This is quite ridiculous in my opinion. SWBFII had 18 maps at launch and an additional 6 space maps.
And don't think this first free Jakku DLC is simply out of benevolence from DICE/EA.
It certainly was already in the game, but because it contains minor spoilers regarding Episode VII, it's being added for free later on.
Don't treat this as Free DLC, because it's not, and EA would also never allow that to happen.

Some people say SWBF has 10 maps because we'll be getting 2 maps per planet.
Yes true... but will we have the diversity we had at the very launch of SWBF2? No...
And we still don't know just how different the two maps will be from another on each planet.
We'll be getting probably 2 planets per DLC as the game continues, meaning we'll have 15 planets at the end of the game for which we will have payed around 120 dollars.

There is no campaign.

People say the campaign from SWBF2 wasn't too great or much of a big deal.
True it wasn't. But at least SWBF2 had a campaign. Also the game did a good job on making us see the Purge of the Jedi from the point of view of the Clones.
Free Radical took this concept and greatly expended on it by creating a huge campaign.
While DICE just decided to completely leave it out.

AT-AT on rails in ALL game modes.

Yes that's right. The most iconic vehicle in all of Star Wars is not drivable.
People who played SWBF2 will know that arguments like "trolls and idiots will just do nonsense with the AT-AT" are not true.
Every driver of the AT-AT who didn't play the objective or didn't kill enemies, was simply killed by those enemies.
Only the best AT-AT drivers had the opportunity to drive it for a long time.
And no it's not boring just because it's slow. It's merely authentic.
The huge range, the great armor and the high damage output all compensated for the speed. When a snowspeeder would circle you, you could walk backwards in order to try getting the snowspeeder into your reticule. And it worked very often.
The fact that it's now on rails not only takes the fun, freedom, and tactical decision making out of it, it also removes variety from the game.
Another thing is that all enemy players will know where the AT-ATs walk.
And so can set traps, lay as many mines as they want, or just wait there to just jump all over the AT-AT.
( I can imagine 6 players hiding under the deployable shield while shooting the hell out of the AT-AT, while the driver can't do anything ).

Snowspeeder on rails as soon as you shoot the tow cable...

As soon as you shoot the tow cable you don't have to do your hardest to stay out of sight of the AT-AT, evade the legs or make sure to stay close enough so that the cable doesn't fall off...
No a mini-game is being started that takes zero skill, which every 2 year-old... forget it, that every baby in their mother's womb could do.
Once you did that mini-game the AT-AT will be destroyed.
I don't know if the Snowspeeder is invincible during that mini-game but I wouldn't be surprised if it were.
Back in SWBF2 a teammate ( or the second AT-AT for that matter ) could save the first AT-AT if it's being circled by a snowspeeder by shooting the snowspeeder.
So here again, they took the necessary skill, freedom, team value and authenticity out of this mechanic and made it so easy that everyone can do it.

Death Star will not be a playable map!!

This is just terrible. I'm sure everyone who played SWBFII remembers those awesome games on Death Star ( be it CTF or Conquest ).
The design, the looks, the danger of falling to your death at every point, the death star laser, the garbage compactor... just great.
And that's not even the most important aspect.
The battles on Death Star were nothing less than all-out wars. Far from the grenade launcher and grenade spamming that we can see on Operation Metro or Locker.
It was those moments when the flag was just meters away from being scored and both teams had huge adrenalin levels and just pressed with all their might to suceed in their objective that made this map really memorable.
Those who spend a lot of time playing the map ( but that accounts for all SWBF2 maps ) could greatly use the map design to their advantage.
People learnt how to jump from one point to another, where others who were untrained, would just inevitably fall to their deaths.
Flag carriers could avoid death by taking rare and unexpected paths and completely surprising the enemy team.
Also it's one of the most iconic locations in the Star Wars Lore.
And unlike DICE, Free Radical made a Death Star map. And it even had outerior space combat aspects.
From what I've seen people could even completely fly around the trench and the overall Deathstar...

Overheating mechanic:
There's no Ammo in the game anymore. All your weapons just overheat.
This certainly has pros and cons but we won't know if it's ultimately good or bad until we get to play a Beta.
But one thing is very bad.
And that's the speed at which the overheated weapon cools down.
It's incredibly fast, and if you manage to hit a yellow bar in time, it's shorter than just about all normal reload animations.
If you already have unlimited ammo ( unlimited grenades as well, by the way, they just take a bit longer to reload ) then it should at least take your weapon longer to cool down.
Something along the lines of the cooldown of the Republic Clone Commander's main weapon in SWBF2.

Health regeneration:
Health regenerates to 100% in a split-second only like 5 seconds after no one shoots at you anymore...
I expect this to be fixed but if it's not it could have terrible effects for the game.
Every coward could just run out of sight for 5 seconds ( probably less, see for yourself in the gameplay trailer of hoth ), only to engage his enemy with full health again.
I'd much rather prefer the system of SWBF2 with ammo and medic droids being scattered throughout the maps, or engineers being able to deploy Health/Ammo Packs.

Lock-on bullshit:
The smart rocket introduces lock-on bullshit into the franchise that it NEVER had and NEVER SHOULD HAVE.
Where is the skill in being able to destroy a moving enemy vehicle from distances of like 300 meters just by simply aiming on it for 2 seconds?
Battlefront should be about skill, not about who gets most of the Smart Rocket battle pickups that appear all over the map.
DICE destroyed all skill-related battles in Battlefield 3/ Battlefield 4 by just flooding the game with lock-on weapons.
Good players are not being rewarded for skill and noob players are rewarded for being shit.
Destroying vehicles in SWBF2 took some planning and tactics in advance.
Trying to stay out of sight of the driver and trying to aim for the critical spots of the vehicle.

Like I mentioned before a few times... this game was made to be playable by as many people as possible... your grandmas... and even young kids.
This is shown by all the vehicles being on rails and lock-on weapons, or gadgets like the shield.
And in order to keep those people playing, the skill bar has been lowered so far that most players will find themselves tripping over it.
If DICE follows the code of Battlefield, then it doesn't matter how many hours you pour into the game and how much experience you have, noob players will always have the chance to kill you.

The third person view is NOT centered on the character in the game like it was in SWBF2
Meaning every enemy will be able to spot you behind rocks or corners if they use third person view.
Back in SWBF2 it was a matter of opinion if people preferred 1st or 3rd person view.
In this Battlefront... everyone who uses 3rd person view has a huge advantage towards anyone who uses 1st person mode.
So DICE actually went and implemented a feature from SWBF2 but managed to make it game-breaking anyway.

In order to use vehicles you have to pick-up coins for those vehicles.
Then you simply spawn inside of them instead of being able to jump into them which would be far more authentic ( authentic being the word DICE/EA use to promote their game ).

In some leaked footage I've seen someone spawnkilling the enemy team over and over again, just by camping behind their spawn point...
This was impossible in SWBF2 due to short spawn invincibility.

No awards...
You may say what you like but Awards made SWBF2 more interesting.
The offline mode in any case but even the online experience received a touch of variety through this.
The people who had awards were always hunted by other players because their awards made them a huge threat.
And sometimes two people who had all possible awards would clash with another in a mighty battle.
One could argue that some awards were overpowered, but I'm not too sure about that.
Either the players were too overconfident with all their awards and died or they were so scared of losing their awards that they most of the time just hid in their base.
For people who think the awards system was too OP, I'd suggest the award system from Killzone 3. It awarded the player with stronger capabilities for playing strategically and following some objectives, but it didn't make him THAT much more stronger.

Aerial combat
The aerial combat is said to be the worst ever, with one joystick controlling the speed and the other used to maneuver.
and the maps are so small that aerial vehicles only have one chance of attacking the ground before they have reached the end of the map

Hacking ability
No Hacking apparently, which was a very interesting and unique feature in SWBF2. But I guess it's not necessary if even normal blaster pistols can damage vehicles now...

The Deluxe Edition:
The deluxe edition costs 10 dollars more than the standard edition and all you get from it is instant access to weapons that you can unlock in the game anyway, and some in-game emotes like fist pumping.
Don't buy this... Buying an oxygen bottle would be more useful and more worth it than buying this deluxe edition.

Authenticity and map design:

Hoth is FAR less open and far more narrow than it used to be, which is ALSO less authentic, even though DICE promised us that the game would be as authentic as possible...
DICE is famous for making decisions for the people, instead of just asking the people directly. They also very often analyse in-game statistics for that, and even dare taking those statistics over the opinions of the gamers.
So Hoth was made narrower because they took the freedom of deciding for the consumers that wide open maps suck.
Funny thing is... they promote their game with being an absolutely authentic Star Wars experience, yet their Hoth map is anything but authentic, while SWBF2's Hoth map was like a 1:1 copy from the movie.

Obviously authenticity isn't that much of a deal as it is a game, but it's laughable for them to advertise an authentic game while that's exactly what it isn't
They even put Luke in his Episode VI suit in the EP V Battle of Hoth.

Mod Support:
Following the history of DICE/EA, their games do NOT have mod Support.
I sadly never had the honor of playing any mods as I only ever played the game on PC but I've seen many great mods on YouTube, how they enhance the game and drastically increase it's lifespan.
DICE could even take the most popular mods on PC, give money to the mod creator and then sell the most popular mods on the consoles as DLC.

Good things :
No suppression
awesome graphics, original Star Wars sounds and original Star Wars Soundtracks, no disable mechanic

Addressing a few last points now...

Some people call this Battlefront a Battlefield reskin. And they certainly aren't completely wrong when they do so. All DICE did was take the code from Battlefield and just rip parts out and put new Star Wars codes in there.
I have played Battlefield long enough to see the offspring of Battlefield and the resemblence is striking.
There are people who say that Battlefront 1 was nothing but a reskin of the Battlefield franchise.
And that's true, not entirely, because Pandemic still added many features that made the game unique but still...
It's a different situation though.
Back then no one was offended or disappointed by Star Wars Battlefront 1.
No one had no high expectations and Battlefield players could choose to ignore Battlefront and keep playing Battlefield.
On top of that, the developer of Battlefield wasn't the one developing Battlefront, so even less reasons for Battlefield players to complain.
Now it's different.
They are insulting the old Battlefront franchise by delivering something that's unworthy of being called Battlefront, they insult the hardcore Battlefront fanbase and they insult the Battlefield fanbase for using ressources to make Battlefront that they could have used to make another Battlefield game or fix their bugs and balance issues.

Some people also say it's too early to criticise the game based on trailers and gameplay footage because the game is not released yet. Yet the same people praise the game based on the same footage.
Hypocrite much?

People are saying it's ok because it's a reboot and not a sequel.
BUT. Who has ever asked for a sequel?
All we ever wanted... all we hardcore Battlefront fans have been BEGGING FOR since 2007/2008´... was a SEQUEL to the Battlefront franchise.
Does anyone seriously think it's ok for them to give us a game that is leagues below Battlefront just because it's a Reboot?
"Oh no this might taste absolutely inferior to all the other apples, but it's another sub-species of apples so I don't want to hear complaints from you!"
Why have they chosen to call it Battlefront if the game is so far from the original titles?
It's simple, because Battlefront 2 is one of the best selling and longest played Star Wars games ever.
The title "Battlefront" alone will sell copies.

Games these days are not profitable when they can be played for 6-7 years like SWBF2 ( unless the players have to pay a monthly fee, as they have to in most MMORPGs )
It's like with normal everyday objects.
People of the industry noticed that they make a lot more money when they make the lifespan of their products as short as possible ( planned obsolescence ). Why should people buy new products if they are happy with their current products?
That's what EA is thinking aswell.
Prequel content and space are probably being kept out of this game so that people will have a reason to buy the sequel to their game, which is sure to be released in 2-3 years.

Even though they could have forgotten about money for a second, remaking Battlefront 2 in HD, and giving us 5 new maps every 2-3 months as DLC for 10-15 dollars ( EA will never settle for lower DLC prices )

It seems to be the natural way of things in the gaming industry these days.
Broken, buggy games on release... Overpriced editions whose content is like thin air, Pay-to-win, Pre-order bonuses and a full game experience for nothing less than 120 dollars with all DLCs.
No one can deny that the quality in the gaming industry has dropped dramatically.

I don't ask you to not play the game.
I ask you not to pre-order before the game is released. By pre-ordering you basically tell them "I don't care if the game is shit or buggy, I'll buy it anyway".
Also I myself don't have the intention of buying deluxe editions in which there is no valuable content at all.
I ask you to contemplate if you are fine with the path that gaming has taken, and if you don't think it's time to send the gaming industry a signal.

Most of them no longer care about what we want. They no longer create games because they have fun doing so.
What most of them solely care about is money.

Show them that we are still people with free minds who will not BLINDLY LIKE SHEEP follow them on every path.

Short post about this topic:

And a very long post about the bad history of DICE and their missing consumer communication:

Here are some videos that show Free Radical's dream of a Battlefront game and most of you will see how their game is utterly and entirely superior to this insult of a Battlefront game that DICE/EA is going to release.

And this is EA's version:

And now some quotes from various people all over the internet:

"EA/DICE will never revert from that because they design games for Joe Average playing their game on the couch
for 20-30 minutes every 2nd evening and they want exactly this audience to turn off the console with a great feeling.
They don't want the hardcore players to even be able to excel Joe Average."

"Ah the good old "you are too shit for this game, let me hold your hand and tell you how to play our game because you must be retarded""

"As someone who sunk 5000+ hours in swbf2, I am disgusted to see how they have turned the game into a modern sw battlefield,the mechanics,the gunplay,the movement,the pace,the heroes,the vehicles,the features or just overall atmosphere of the game is NOTHING like old battlefront games,it just reeks of modern battlefield."

"Oh, I'm afraid the DLC packs will be quite operational when the game arrives."

"Most Star Wars fans are hoping this is Battlefront III, as in a direct continuation of the other two games with similar gameplay and modes. It isn’t that. Some shooter fans were hoping it would be like Battlefield with complete freedom where you can run to a ship or vehicle on the map and just get in it and fly. It isn’t that either.
And that’s a good description of Star Wars Battlefront. Simple. Instead of the freedom DICE gave people in Battlefield, which led to some really fun and unpredictable emergent gameplay on the wide-open maps, Battlefront feels like a dumbed down shooter."

May the force be with you everyone,

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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:43 am

Well damn lol it's sounds like they jacked the game up big time. I never got into Battlefield so I wouldn't know how their system works but I hope the finished product for SWBF is worth wild or they will have a lot of pissed off fans! I'm going to get it no matter what and give it a try but if it sucks man I might just go try xbox lol. This is suppose to be the game of all games for me so if it fails, there would be nothing else on ps4 that I would be looking forward to...
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sat Aug 08, 2015 6:18 pm

Itachi(Apoc) wrote:
Well damn lol it's sounds like they jacked the game up big time.  I never got into Battlefield so I wouldn't know how their system works but I hope the finished product for SWBF is worth wild or they will have a lot of pissed off fans!  I'm going to get it no matter what and give it a try but if it sucks man I might just go try xbox lol.  This is suppose to be the game of all games for me so if it fails, there would be nothing else on ps4 that I would be looking forward to...

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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sat Aug 15, 2015 1:41 am

A new hope is on the horizon it seems. A chance to climb up from the depths and return all to glory. There is one issue.... however... what should happen if that new hope fails us? What should happen if that final light dies out? Will there still be something to cling to.... something to still pull us out from darkness? Or... will the tether snap and send us all plummeting into the abyss? Only time will tell... when November comes around.

~Because I was bored...
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Mon Aug 17, 2015 12:49 pm

This is MY new hope, a tiny one, but at least a hope!
OMG, these old PS2 Star Wars games will be available for PS4 with enhanced graphics!!!!!!
So, if that's the case, why not giving us SWBF2 for PS4 ???

I remember well, as my 60GB PS3 was still working, the graphic of SWBF2 was so much better on the PS3 as on the PS2. And before I touch this f.... up EA/DICE 'pseudo-reboot' I for sure would prefer our old SWBF2, even with a not so shining graphic as the EA/DICE little kid version with its 'Pokemon'-cards and Power-ups for vehicles, weapons and Heroes/Villians scattered around the battleground like Easter-eggs.

As I wrote MY tiny hope!
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Fri Nov 27, 2015 1:09 am

it failed
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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   Sat Dec 05, 2015 7:39 pm

Rupture, do you have Bolts contact info?


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PostSubject: Re: battlefront3 2015   

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battlefront3 2015
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